About Us

I bought my first Shetland Sheepdog I  1985  she was a black and white 10 weeks old and the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the breed my second one came along 8 months later, a shaded mahogany male. six months later by another male. I wanted to take the dogs with me where ever I went so the training began. Kate LOVED GOING SHOPPING WITH ME A REAL GIRL and also , the because the sales people at Neimen Marcus always had dog cookies for her. A local pet store store kept dog treats on the lowest shelf so Kate could choose what she wanted. She made sure we visited that never missed g Is was on the route for all walks going to that store caught I t store several times a week since it was on the route we took on our walks.

This site fulfills my two loves. The dogs and writing. I will tell about their history and their colors. The work they were bred to do and the evolution of the breed. The Shelties, all colors also genders and stages. To promote, and educate and others share the wonder of the  breed that I have loved for over thirty years of observation from birth to death. I hope to share with others interesting topics in future talks and pages. I want to introduce fun things you can do with your dog or dogs. Offer toys and treats your dogs might like.Some of the proceeds will go to NorCal Sheltie Rescue to use as needed;most likely veterinary costs I will discuss rescue dogs as a topic. NCSR is a 501(3)B so if donating a considerable amount it is tax deductible. I am asking that it goes straight to NCSR.