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Tips On Grooming Your Cat

Grooming your cat is of the most challenging jobs for you. It is important for you to have the time, skills and patience to successfully groom your beloved pet. Cats are fussy animals and are constantly licking their fur to keep it clean and in proper place. With the aid of a few simple tips on grooming your cat you can excel at the task and make your pet look clean, adorable and healthy.

One of the biggest hurdles you face while grooming your cat is combing and brushing their coats.  The coat of a cat tends to fall prey to mats (knotted hair on the coat), shredding and a greasy consistency of fur. While combing and brushing the coat of a cat you need to speak to your cat in a soft and reassuring tone. The strokes you use should be gentle and from front-to-back. In this manner you can keep shredding and knots at bay. For getting best results ensure that you use the proper cat combs and brushes available in the market.

When it comes to tackling mats you will find that even well-groomed cats have them. Mata are common in cats during their seasonal shredding. Grooming combs are the best to address the problem. The knots and entangled hair should never by cut or else you may land up cutting the delicate skin of your pet.

With the aid of one hand you should try holding the hair close to its base without pulling at the skin of the cat directly. You should hold the grooming comb in your other hand and use the tip of the comb to pick at the mat gently till it loosens. As it becomes loose the fur can be easily combed out. You should repeat as many times as necessary to comb out the hair.

When it comes to cleaning the eyes of your cat you will find a common problem in them and that is presence of eye-matter. There are cat breeds like the Persian cat that have a stained look to their faces. This problem can also be seen in short nosed and big eyed cats.

These cats have eye openings that are large and there is a small distance from their tear ducts to their nose. More tearing occurs in these areas and they tend to spill over their lower eyelids instead of being pooled in. When these tears come into contact with the air they oxidize and turn brown. The area is stained and glue like deposit in the eyes need to be cleaned out in order to keep the cat healthy and comfortable.

You can use a soft washcloth or cotton square dipped in tepid water to clean the area. You should hold the head of the cat and wipe this cloth across its lower eyelid. You should be careful as you may land up rubbing the eyeball causing discomfort to the cat. The moisture softens the eye matter and the above step needs to be repeated till the eye is completely cleaned. When you are cleaning your cat ensure that you use a fresh section of the cloth each time.

Bathing your pet needs to be done with time and patience. Cats do not like water and it is best to introduce them to bathing from as early as possible so that the task becomes less stressful with time. When you are bathing your cat ensure you use a good medicated animal shampoo.

Ask your veterinarian to recommend mild eye drops or any other ointment that prevents soap from getting inside the eyes of your pet. If your cat has a greasy coat use a de-greaser solution to make it clean.

Thus, with the above simple and practical tips on grooming your cat you are able to ensure that your pet is healthy, clean and safe from infection and other germs.

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