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Dog Clothes Buying Tips

Buying dog clothes for your pet can be as exciting as buying new clothes for yourself. There are many different styles available, making it easy to find something that suits any occasion and personality. To make sure your shopping trip goes off without a hitch, there’s a few buying tips that can help you make the best choices.

The first thing that you need to consider when buying dog clothes is size. The clothes need to fit correctly in order to be beneficial and safe for your pet to wear. It’s not as simple as buying “large” for your large breed dog or “small” for a small breed dog. Sizes can actually run from extra small to extra large and you can’t tell which ones will fit just from looking. Therefore, you need to measure your dog to get the right fit.

To get the right measurements, follow the guide below:

Measure your dog from the base of the head (near the collar) all the way along his back to the base of the tail for the body measurement.
Measure your pet from the top of his head (a little in front of the ears) to the end of his tail when buying hooded garments for your dog.
Measure the pad of his foot from his nails to his heel for the best fit in booties or other footwear.
Measure the circumference of his neck and add between ½ and 2 inches depending on your dogs head for comfort when you need to know his neck size.

The next thing to consider is your dog’s temperament. Some dogs will wear full outfits while others will only tolerate something simple. Choose outfits based on how your pet responds when wearing clothing.

You can purchase dog clothes in a variety of fabrics, too. Cotton is a great choice for items that your pet will wear regularly. Most raincoats and jackets have cotton lining for extra warmth. The fabric should also be breathable and suited for the climate in which you live.

Be careful with flashy clothing that’s designed with buttons, sequins, beads, feathers and charms. These beautiful outfits are excellent for special occasions but they’re not intended for everyday use. Save these for those special outings when you want your pet to make a grand entrance.

Once you pick out the dog clothing best suited for your pet, you can look through some of the accessories that will help to complement her look. Hats, bows along with matching collars and leashes are available to match most any outfit.

Use these dog clothes buying tips when shopping for your pet and it will help you find the best outfits for your dog. He will look great and be safe in his new clothing as you go for walks, visit friends or when relaxing at home.

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Dog Behaviour Tips & Tricks

When a person brings home a puppy from the pet store or from a rescue shelter, there are a handful of individuals that he/she will look to for help as he/she begins to take care of his/her new pet. Veterinarians are the ones dog owners approach in case of health problems, while dog trainers are handy when the time comes for the puppy to be trained in proper behavior. For those who don’t have money to spend on dog training and behavioral sessions, they can always read self-help books concerning dog behavior tips and tricks that they can easily teach their pet.

The first behavior owners can notice in their dog is its incessant barking. Those who dream of having their puppy or dog stop barking permanently are deluded; barking is a dog’s way of speaking, and having its vocal cords cut is plain cruel. Besides, a barking dog is a good alarm in case a robber gets inside the house or something amiss happens around the house. However, long bouts of barking can be annoying not just for the family, but also for the neighbors. There are a few tips a dog owner should know to prevent this from happening.

First, before berating the puppy for barking, the owner must first establish a concrete reason why it barks in the first place. Is it because the children are making too much noise? Is there a cat nearby? Or does it bark because nobody has been paying any attention to it? If it’s because of the latter, then owners can solve this by playing with the dog more often and even taking it on long walks. Dogs usually bark for long periods of time because they feel bored, neglected, and perhaps even unloved. By showing the dog that it’s not unloved can help improve the situation.

Another behavior one can observe in dogs – especially puppies – is chewing. A puppy can chew at Mom’s shoes, at Dad’s socks, and even Sister’s favorite book. Dog owners can stop the puppy from chewing at something important (like Dad’s notes for an important business meeting) by keeping these out of reach. Puppy-proofing one’s house can certainly go a long way, and dog owners can now focus on training their puppy to stop chewing.

The main reason why puppies chew is because like human babies, they tend to explore their new world by putting things into its mouth. Puppies also have this desire to chew continuously until they turn 6 months old, and most dogs even chew things when they grow older. Owners should teach the puppy the things it cannot chew. Whenever they see the puppy chewing on someone’s shoe, they should interrupt the puppy with a loud noise and then hand it a chew toy (one can buy these at the local pet store) and then praise it when the puppy drops the shoe and reaches for the chew toy instead.

Another method to teach good dog behavior in terms of chewing is by giving them its own chew toys. Some owners give their puppies knotted old socks and secondhand toys. Unlike humans, puppies wouldn’t know the differences between an old sock and a new one.

These are just some of the dog behaviors one can observe while a puppy is growing up. Other behaviors include nipping, biting, urinating or defecating (pooping) everywhere, and even displaying aggressive behavior. Proper dog training is a must in order for dog owners – and the dog – to have a happy and content life.


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Dog Toilet Training Tips

Many of us keep pets. Pets have become a part and parcel of many households and it is quite true that be it a bird, dog or cat they do bring a freshness and welcome respite to the daily mundane colors of life. A dog is one of the most popular choices as the pet.

A dog is generally preferred as the pet because of the fact they are amiable and social by nature. A truly devoted animal, the dog is always up there among the rankings when it comes to obeying orders and doing duties. They well and truly transpire as the mans best friend and it has been seen more often than not that dogs have even turned up as the savior o both man and property when the need came.

This though sums up all the benefits of having a pet and more so the dog as a pet it is quite true that the training of the animal might prove to be a bit to tedious for the owners. It is literally a daunting task to train the dog and most often the owners are confused as to employ a trainer or train the animal themselves. This usually leads to confusion when the trainer is changed and results in an ill-mannered dog. There is nothing more disastrous for a household than an ill-mannered dog. A misbehaving dog will rip of slippers, shades and throw tantrums all around the house. So it is very important that certain set of rules are always followed during the growing up phase of the animal.

Dog toilet training is something which needs to given a thought to because you wont want your dog to litter the entire house. It is essential that you decide upon whether to employ a trainer or train the dog yourself. If you want to train the dog yourself you must keep in mind the following points.

Crate training a puppy is the best way to train your dog. This starts off with the buying of a crate for the dog where it will be made to sleep in. though it can sound a bit cruel to the dog but it is absolutely essential. Crate training a puppy is the only way to ensure that the dog develops a sense of hygiene because it will not want to litter its own sleeping place. Crate training a puppy will also ensure that the dog will understand the value of personal place of everyone around the house and will not dirty the entire house while relieving itself.

The best way to make sure that the dog obeys your commands is to make it understand that whenever it does what it is asked to you will be giving him a pat on the back, a coat brush or a playing session in the evening at the park.

These house training methods are really important because these will keep the dog happy and it will be obeying all your commands leading to a happy owner and a more happy pet.

Dog toilet training is necessary if you do not want to have a hard time when your dog gets used to his bad habits. Get more information and tips:

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Learn About Dog Training Tips

Pets are always special. Lots of people keep pets in their house because they love these wonderful animals. Dogs are one of the most popular and lovely pets that people have in their home. If you have a pet in your house then you should always make sure that you take proper care of him.

There are various dog training tips which can really be helpful for you. Training a dog is not too easy. First of all you should learn how to train your dog and then you should start the training session.

Obedience training is one of the most important things that you should practice for your dog. It is always better to bring a dog home when he is still in the puppy stage. It is always easy to train a puppy than a full grown dog.

You might have an idea about the fact that dogs are intelligent animals and hence they do not take much time to learn these things. Dogs usually have the habit of living in packs and hence they have a leader. You need to evolve yourself as the leader.

You should make sure that the puppy recognizes you as the leader of the pack in the beginning you should teach him the common lessons like sit, stay, come, go and lie down.

You should give enough time to the dog to learn one basic command before you move on to the other. You can allot at least 30 minutes every day for the training. Make sure you follow it like a routine so fix a time for it. This is will also help your dog to become disciplined.

When you want to teach your dog to sit then you can gently pat the rear of the dog which is signal for him to sit down. Whenever the dog performs a command make sure you give him a treat.

This will encourage him and will also make him happy. You should repeat the command again and again and help the dog practice this for at least a week. Always make sure you are not impatient when the dog fails to perform the command correctly.

If he fails to do it then you should not punish him or scold him. Instead be gentle to him and talk in a firm voice. If you are rude to him and punish him then it might have adverse effect and the dog might refuse to learn anything.

If you follow the same tips for the other commands then you can surely achieve success within a few weeks. There are certain websites which can offer you with top tips on dog training if you subscribe to their website.

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4 Dog Training Tips For Dog Owners

For dog owners, dog is their precious family members. In fact, they are so lovable till the point we want to hug them so badly. However, there is one issue should be a concern by every dog owners; it is their dog misbehaviors. Without a proper dog training, your dog may cause you many problems and frustrations that may be hard to overcome. When it comes to dog discipline, we, as the dog owners should not be lenient.

No one is born with the knowledge to train a dog, and it is also not some kind of information that you can learn from your school. You need to learn how to teach your dog from somewhere else. Luckily, there were many dog experts or researcher who willingly do the test on every dog training method, and share with everyone. If you go to nearby bookstore at your town, you can find many dog training books. So, if you really want to train your dog, at least read one of those dog training books before you do so. A wrong method can make your dog acting more aggressively and problematic.

Here are some of tips/information that you need to know before you train your dog.

1) First of all, you need to establish your position as the boss or leader to your dog. This is a must when it comes to training. Of course, it is does not means that you need to be strict or harsh to your dog. If the dogs understand its position and you are the one who in charge, it will become more docile.

2) Consistent. Always remember to be consistent when you train your dog. If the dog is not allowed to sit on your sofa, making an exception will only confuse your dog further as it will believe that it is the 50-50 chance of getting scolded when it sits on the sofa. In its point of view, it will hope for the best result.

3) Dog training should be a calm and happy experience. So, acting aggressive will only encourage your dog to respond with more aggression. It is because he thinks this is the best way to please you by emulating your action.

4) Plan a schedule for your dog. If your dogs are so used to pee on your car park in the evening, then make you let your dog out to the car park when the time comes. If your dog wants to pee, he will pee. If it is unable to make it out its desirable location, he will pee in your house. It can be very hard on your dog if you are blaming him for making this mistake that caused by you for not letting it out on time.

Teaching your dog needs a lot of patience and dedication. The reward for all troubles are extremely rewarding, if you are successfully eliminated your dog misbehaviors. No more headache or frustration that will be caused by your dog in your house when you didn’t pay attention to it.


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Dog Training Tips

House training your dog or puppy requires consistency. To make life easier on you should choose an area of your yard that will be the potty spot. You will want to take your puppy out to the designated spot every hour. At the designated area you will want to walk the dog around the area and also choose a keyword that you will always use when you are with the dog in the area. This will allow the dog to associate the command with going potty. You will want to continue this process until your dog goes potty in the designated area. You will want to reward him with praise and possibly a treat. Continue with the training and he will eventually understand that he only goes potty in the designated area.

There are many other trainings that you can use to train your dog. Obedience training is a great way to get your dog to obey your commands. This can help keep your dog and others safe. It can also relive stress that a dog with behavior problems can cause. Behavioral training may be much more difficult depending on the issues. Seeking assistance may be the right choice for you and your dog.

If you are encountering more problematic or behavioral issues with your dog then you may want to seek the assistance of a professional trainer. When deciding on a trainer, you may want to consider the following tips. Search for a trainer with years of experience and a good track record. Find a trainer that is willing to customize a program for your dog’s special needs. Every dog is not the same so every trading program should not be the same. Be sure to verify that the trainer or academy only uses humane training methods. Ask for references and look for any negative feedback online. Once you decide on a trainer that meets your criteria, you can then begin the training process.

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Dog Kennel Tips

Dog Kennels come in different styles so that you can choose the style you will need for your pet. As a dog owner, you may have a difficult time in debating which dog kennel is best for your pet. At they have very nice dog kennels by Petsafe.

You’ll want to consider the size of your dog, large dogs require more space to move around and play before you purchase. A large chain link dog kennel can be found at If your dog is small, you will want to buy a smaller dog kennel , so they don’t feel uneasy in one that is way too big for them. PetSafe dog kennels are ideal in small and large size for your dog. These kennels are not very expensive when you consider how long they will last and are  well worth the money.

Be sure to consider the height of your dog and height of the dog kennel when looking to purchase one as well.  One more good reason to purchase a dog pen from for their height and they are galvanized steel chain link.

Consider the amount of time your dog will be spending in the dog kennel.  Most kennels are not meant for 24-hour habitat for dogs. Others are designed for for keeping your dog in 24/7. It is up to you to know which type of dog kennel best suits you and your  pets needs. The dog kennels at are designed in order to meet the different needs of your pet. If your dog will be spending the whole day in the dog pen , it must be spacious enough for exercise and very comfortable.  It can be either medium-sized or large, the ideal size will be determined by your dogs physique.

Positioning of your dog kennel should be if possible in areas with natural shade. If there is no such a place within your property, you should buy dog kennels that have a roof. Or you may consider buying a sun block top for dog kennels sold at Over-exposure to the hot sun is not healthy for your pets at all. You therefore need to pay careful attention to the roofing of the dog kennel as well as the positioning. You can also purchase anchor’s from to hold down your kennel to keep your dog from moving it around or flipping it over.

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