Signs That Your Dog Needs To Be Seen At an Animal Hospital

If you are like most people, you treat your dog like he is your child. Parents can look at their children and know if they need to see a doctor. The same should be true with your dog. It is important that you can see the signs that he needs to be checked out at an animal hospital.

Strange Eating Habits

It is not uncommon for your dog to skip a meal or two when it is hot outside. However, if your dog has not eaten in two days, you should have him examined by a vet. There are several problems that could lead to a loss of appetite. The same is true if your dog is eating too much. If he usually well behaves, and starts tearing up the trash to gain access to food or stealing it off peoples’ plates, this could also mean that he is sick.

Excessive Thirst

The saliva that a dog produces naturally makes him need less water. If you notice that your dog is emptying his water dish more often, is urinating more, or having accidents in the house, you should take him to an animal hospital as soon as possible. He could be developing diabetes or kidney disease.

Dry, Rough Patches or Bald Spots

If you are like most dog owners, you pet your dog often. You know what his coat feels like when he is healthy. If you notice that his coat is dry, rough, or if he has several bald spots, you should take him to see a vet. He may have developed some type of allergy or skin disease. The sooner you take him to an animal hospital in Port Coquitlam, he will be more comfortable.


If you notice that your dog is more sluggish than usual, you should take him to see a vet. It is not uncommon for a dog to be sleepier if their muscles are sore or if it is very hot outside, however, if he remains lethargic for a few days, you should take him to see a vet to find out what is bothering him.


Dogs vomit more than humans to get rid of something that they ate that didn’t agree with them. If your dog is vomiting frequently or is vomiting blood, you should take him to the vet immediately. If your dog has been vomiting often, it can cause diarrhea or dehydration. This can be very serious, and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Strange Looking Stools

If your dog’s stools look strange, it is a sure sign that there is something wrong with him. Dry or hard stools could mean that he is suffering from dehydration or a dietary problem. If your dog has loose stools, or blood or mucous in the stools, or if there are worms in the stools, your dog should see a vet immediately.

Sudden Weight Loss

If your dog is losing weight for no reason, you should take him to see a vet. If a large dog loses 10 percent of their body weight, it is cause for alarm. If you have a small dog, and he has lost just a pound or two, that is also cause for concern.

Cloudy, Red, or Leaky Eyes

You know if your dog does not look right. If they are cloudy, leaking, or red, it could mean that they have some sort of infection, and they should be treated by a vet as soon as possible.

Dragging His Rear End

If your dog is dragging his rear end across the carpet, he could have worms. Also, his anal glands could be blocked or he could be suffering from diabetes or kidney disease. Either way, you should have him checked out.
If you notice any of the above signs, or is something seems off about your dog, you should take him to an animal hospital in Port Coquitlam.HOSPITAL photo

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